WORKSHOP: build a stronger brand equity

The brand strategy is the brand’s road map to success. It identifies WHO you are travelling with, WHERE you are going, WHY it matters and WHAT is required. The brand equity is the tangible and intangible value that a brand provides positively or negatively to your company, your products or your services, and its bottom-line derived from consumer knowledge, perceptions, and experiences with the brand.

But building brand equity takes time, patience, and a great deal of effort to build positive brand equity as you’ll learn during this workshop

In the workshop you will get ideas and advise on:

  • … what it takes to motivate customers to purchase your brand.
  • … how to execute brand strategy, grow brand equity, and develop a killer brand positioning statement.

Why you can´t ignore your brand!

  • Positive brand equity enables you to charge a price premium for that brand.
  • Positive brand equity can also help to expand your company through successful brand extensions and expansions.
  • Positive brand equity helps increase sales and revenues, and it can also help reduce costs.
  • With a strong brand equity, you are also positioned for long-term success because consumers are more likely to forgive bumps in the road when they have deep emotional connections and loyalties to a brand.

So, do you think there is room for improvement?

I´ll offer you an inspirational workshop covering 3 phases

  • … to find out more about your brand strategy status
  • … and give some ideas, guidelines and advise how to improve

Just spend one day to get fresh inspiration

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Gaining understanding

We will talk about your company and its products, your
experiences, your latest activities, what the brand stands for and its characteristics. Inform me about the brand expectations of your customers and where you think there are obstacles and/or challanges.

Duration for kick-off meeting 2 h












Working together

With all the information, I collected in step 1, I will prepare a workshop and create individual questions as the self-questioning and the courage to answer truthfully are the keys to your improvement.

Outline of the workshop:
During the workshop we will cover questions regarding the key brand criteria for the brand strategy focusing on the individual needs I clarified and discussed in phase 1:

  • Purpose – What does the brand do?
  • Vision – What is the brand’s ultimate goal and aspiration?
  • Values – What does the brand stand for?
  • Mission Statement – How is the brand going to achieve its vision?
  • Proposition – Why do I need the brand?
  • Positioning – How does the brand compare with its competitors?
  • Personality – What is the brand’s characteristics?
  • Audience – Who is interested in the brand? Where is the target market?

Duration for workshop 4 h






Presenting ideas

Review and summary of the information extracted from sessions. Analysis the status quo and developing ideas how to increase the positive brand equity. Summarise in findings and pursuant find plan of action designed to achieve workshop objectives.

Duration of this session 2 h


3 meetings, with 1-3 participants, including report with recommendations for improvement

for 1.920,- 

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